House update: fortnightly vlog

Hi! Hope the sun is shining bright wherever you are. It’s bloody glorious here in Sedbergh and we are about to head off for a wild camp in the Lake District. I’m so excited. I have the cosiest sleeping bag, so I’m hoping I won’t be too cold. I guess I’ll update you on how it went and you’ll find out whether we survived the night or not. The plan for tomorrow is to meet up with my Mum, Dad and Brother who will meet us up the mountain and we’ll continue our walk round and down. I really fancy going for a Sunday roast somewhere but not sure where’s good anymore! Any suggestions? Send me a message on Insta if you do! I look pink roast beef and good roast potatoes and a really good proper gravy. Anyway, this was my vlog from the past two weeks. I rushed putting it together a little as I’m wanting to get out in the sunshine (sorry). I’m currently on 35 subscribers, so thank you to whoever you are! I unfortunately cannot see you or who likes my videos but I’m just happy someone takes the time to watch. If you do watch and haven’t subscribed though, please do! I’d really appreciate it. Right, now I really must dash. I’ve just spilt hot milk all over the cooker from my hot chocolate getting too hot! Speak soon, L.