It’s 9pm and I’m writing this in my notes on my phone, sipping a rather large glass of prosecco by our lovely warm fire pit. It’s been some what of a journey driving here, the weather was horrendous all the way from Carlisle to the Highlands and then suddenly around 10 mile from Glencoe, the clouds disappeared and we were welcomed with blue skies. Perfect. I was starting to doubt our camping trip, wishing I had just spent that bit more on an all inclusive holiday to Greece but honestly, I couldn’t be more content sat here right now. Glencoe is the nearest town to the red squirrel camp site we are at and what an amazing view of Loch Leven there was this evening! The lady at the gas station was hilarious and she kindly helped us out with kindling and coal as there was no logs anywhere to be found in the town or at our campsite. She even made a few phone calls just to double check for us! We are currently waiting on our friends, Chelsea and Jammy who will be arriving in the next hour or two. Tomorrow we plan on relaxing and we’ll take the canoe out on one of the nearby lochs. Speak soon, L.