Freedom never felt so good

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Testing positive for coronavirus

Hello! It’s been a long 2 weeks without posting here and I’ve missed it so much. If you’re wondering where I’ve been and you didn’t see my moany posts on my Instagram stories about losing my taste and smell (bloody nightmare), Josh and I actually tested positive for Covid almost two weeks ago now, the day after the 32 miler my friends and I completed! It was a challenging 10 days and I don’t ever want to have to repeat it again. My body was aching, especially my lower back. I was sleeping for a ridiculous amount of hours a day, but still trying to keep in a routine with when I went to bed and got out of bed, I was continuously coughing, headachey, fatigued, everything! But the worst symptom for me was losing my taste because food always keeps me going but because I couldn’t taste anything I totally lost my appetite. Now all I’ve craved since my taste has started to come back is really healthy, fresh, homemade meals, like smoothie bowls, fruit, vegetables etc. and because I’m usually someone who craves carbs and cheese, I’m using this time now to get my arse in to gear and really try to focus on portion control, as well as trying to work out some kind of fitness routine in order to shed a couple of pounds and feel happy and healthy in myself.

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Smoothie Bowl

I saw @justjessfood had made an Acai Smoothie Bowl on her Instagram. It looked delicious so when I did our most recent Asda order I ordered a load of stuff so I could make these regularly. This one we had today had frozen cherries, frozen mango, frozen strawberries and coconut water for the smoothie. Then I just topped this with Goji Berries, sliced strawberries and granola. I do have some of the Whitworth’s Shot packets but I didn’t want it to be too sweet. This was perfect!

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Wild Swimming

You all know I love cold water, so when I came out of isolation the first thing I did was take Erik for a long walk and then went for a swim in the river. I’ve never swam on my own before but I’m trying to get used to doing things solo as much as I can, therefore I have no excuse not to try anything once.

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Homemade Hummus

I always buy a couple of Moroccan Hummus pots from M&S when I do my fortnightly shop but because we’ve started ordering from Asda and getting the food delivered I had to miss out on the hummus and Asda’s just isn’t the same.. so I made my own! This was just a really simple recipe, so I could get used to the ingredients and the flavour/texture of  a simple hummus. Next time I’ll try various spices but this was a great first attempt.. paired perfectly with these Manomasa crisps!

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I recently downloaded OS Maps on my phone and have discovered 2 new walks close to home over the weekend. It’s been so nice finding footpaths that I never knew existed and a change of scenery has been good, even if it’s only the odd mile in another direction. Erik always loves new walks and he seems to get so excited when we go somewhere he’s never been before. I have missed getting out walking Erik so much during isolation. He went to stay at our wonderful dog sitters for those 10 days and had the best time but I was so glad to have him back.