Dinner party

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French toast made my Sam and Lena. So good!

Our first dinner party


This is something I’ve been wanting to do for so long but because of covid and not being completely ‘finished’ with the house renovations (will we ever be finished?) we put it off. Then our friends Coops (Sam) and Lena moved to the UK from Bucharest and brought their new fur baby with them too, Aki. You might remember we visited them a few years ago and they planned a wonderful trip for us, where we got to visit some of the most beautiful Romanian villages and stayed in a cabana on the Transfagarasan. We even got to stay in Coops hostel, Podstel, in Bucharest. It was an incredible experience, I wish we could do it all again now. If you’re interested, you can see all those posts here.

Anyway, during our time in Romania we discovered that we all had one thing in common.. and that was food. We all love to eat good food and so it only felt right to have an evening where we would cook, drink wine and eat. It would have been nice to have the living room a little more finished but we did do a little shop yesterday and got ourselves a new table lamp and a few cushions to make it feel a little more homely. Some floor cushions are next on our list, as I actually enjoy eating from the coffee table. I saw these Thai style cushions which I’d love two of. My brother and I used to have one each for our bedrooms and I loved it! I used to sit on it to play my PlayStation 2 – Sims Pets 2 if you’re wondering.. oh and The Urbz! That was one of my faves.

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Lamp from Armstrong Ward, foot stool made by us, yellow cushion from TK Maxx, blue cushion made by me, Sofa from Laura Ashley (second hand), print from King and Mcgaw by Lesley Birch.

I absolutely adore how the homely the house is starting to feel. It’s amazing how some ambient lighting, candles and soft furnishings really make all the difference. I’d like another lamp for downstairs, as this one pictures here is actually sat next to the log burner where we can see it. It would be nice to have another the same but also nice to have something a little different to not make it feel too matchy matchy. Below are some of my favourite lamps at the moment, just need to decide which to go for eventually!

The menu:

Homemade bread with balsamic vinegar & olive oil

Chicken tikka kebabs, chilli chicken, roast potatoes


Porn Star Martinis

Ok, so the menu wasn’t too adventurous and you might think that roast potatoes with chilli chicken and tikka is a weird combo but it actually went really well together. It would have been good to have done a few more small dishes as well but for a first attempt it was good. Lena made the bread and the tiramisu, which was so delicious! Then they both taught us how to make the Martini’s. Josh has now ordered a cocktail making set, so you’ll find us drinking Porn Stars for the foreseeable!

The next morning, my head was a little sore.. so we went for a long walk and then came home to have breakfast cooked by Sam and Lena – yes, we were really spoilt! They were supposed to be our guests! They made this amazing French Toast which was incredible, I’ve just finished my portion for tea because I was still feeling a little delicate this morning.

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