A walk up Winder

The Howgill Fells

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Hey loves! A second post in less than 24 hours, who am I? I’m on my lunch break and I don’t have Erik because today he’s with Josh, aka The Boss, so I’m having a relaxing lunch, drinking my tea and eating a piece of toast. These photos are from yesterday’s early morning walk on the Howgill Fells. It’s a nice jaunt up from the flat, or in fact anywhere in Sedbergh and a walk I’d recommend for anyone looking for a short walk with nice views. I feel like The Howgill Fells gets a little over looked, they aren’t as magnificent as the mountains in the Lake District but they are so lovely to walk across, you could do it in bare feet the ground is so soft and grassy. There are a few ways to the top of Winder, which is the nearest Cairn to reach. I much prefer following the ghyll up the East side of Winder, it’s a nice gradual walk with magnificent views back towards Dent and Sedbergh. Once at the top, I follow the path back down the Western side, which is a nice gradual walk down looking over to Kendal and the M6. You can then loop back round and walk through the farm to head back in to the town, where you can stop off at a cafe or a pub for a nice warm drink or a cold one if it’s a hot day. The walk takes me just over an hour but that’s when I’ve got my yomp on. You could make it even longer by heading over the the Calf and up to Arant haw. The views from Arant Haw are beautiful but I don’t have time for that in a morning and it’s just a little too far for Erik at the moment. Speak soon, L.