Wild Camping


Wow, what an incredibly beautiful weekend we've had on the lake. We checked the forecast on Friday and told ourselves we were going to get out and wild camp somewhere, so we did. We had to borrow some warmer sleeping bags (thank you so much Hannah and Dan, I couldn't have done it without them!) and I pinched some coal and logs from my Mum and Dad's house, so we could light a fire and stay out a little longer to watch the sun go down. How can anyone say that England is shit? Honestly, look at it! I mean, I know I can be a little morbid sometimes and moan about where we live but that's only when it's raining... haha! We cooked burgers last night with fried onions and melted cheese and had a couple of ciders each, followed by a sweet hot chocolate before bed. The only problem was the geese... now had we known that the geese were nesting, we would have gone elsewhere. This morning a couple of rangers politely asked us to leave, as the islands are actually closed until the end of May for the geese to lay their eggs. We felt so bad but the geese didn't really seem to mind us. Anyway, we left before noon, loaded the car back up and went back out on the kayak. It was so lovely and quiet. We met a group of scuba divers and got chatting with one of the guys who had also dived in Koh Tao a number of years back. Man, it makes me want to do it all again! Not sure I could face getting in to a freezing cold lake though? Although, I will have to in 3 weeks time, crikey! Right now, I'm sat on the sofa and I'm falling asleep. It always feels like I'm saying that, doesn't it? I think I may have some deficiency. So, I may nap whilst Josh watches football and then hopefully we will get out for a stroll around the river later on but I won't count on it! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, speak soon, L.