What’s On My Mind?

I took a few days holiday from work thinking I would still be full of cold but thankfully it's shifted and I got to enjoy the Autumn sunshine today. I spent the weekend feeling pretty sorry for myself, my nose would not stop running and my eyes felt like someone had rubbed my eyeball with raw onions and now I've managed to pass it on to Josh, which is great because we all know that this now means he has man flu.. kidding, I will look after him when he's home from work! I've felt so busy lately with work and my mum's cooking business. Thing's just seem to be all go at the moment and I'm enjoying it! I love when I'm in 'all-go' mode because it means I get shit done and I start to see a change in many aspects of my life. Speaking of changes, it's been a month since I started taking the gym seriously and my legs are just a lil bit slimmer than they were. Even my Gran who arrived back from France over the weekend commented, without any prompting which makes me want to keep going even more now that there are small changes starting to appear. I still have to get my diet sorted and with Thailand in less than 6 months time there is nothing more motivating than getting the beach bod I've always wanted. Tip: If you can gym for 45min - an hour before work it is the best thing you can do, trust me! The endorphins it releases is incredible, I only wish I had started sooner.

So, Saturday night I woke up to find Josh propped up in bed, tele on, lamp on and a glass in his hand.. empty! Red wine everywhere! Thankfully it never made it's way on to the carpet but it did go all over my white Egyptian cotton sheets. Serious bad move from my other half but hey ho, such is life. I'm just happy I have him next to me every single night because that's what really matters. I'm learning to take life less seriously, to laugh more and appreciate little moments. Not sure what's triggered in my brain these past few months but I feel like I'm back to the old me, I'm more alive and more present. I don't even know where this is going, I've just felt an urge to come here and write. Anyway, this evening my Mum and I are going to speak with a client about a 50th birthday party we might be catering for which I always enjoy because I love seeing people's homes and I don't mean that in a nosey way but it gives me so much inspo for when we finally get our own home (whenever that will be).

Oh, I've also started purchasing a few bits and bobs for my holiday too. I know it's so long away but I thought if I buy a few thing's gradually then it won't be all one huge expense at the end. Would you like me to share with you? Plus I still have my flights to pay for and I need to save for my open water diving course too. Ah, I have so much I want to do! Now, time to get going. I guess I will speak to you very soon, love L.