What I Bought This Month

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Here we have 'thing's I wasted my money on this month', haha! To be honest I think I've done pretty well with my spending this month and I've actually only bought things I really need... (that's what I keep telling myself anyway!) First off are the yellow industrial laces for my Dr Marten boots which I got for Christmas from Josh. I think they look so much better with the contrasting laces and they fit so much better with the socks too. They're still quite rigid and need breaking in properly but I haven't had chance to wear them much. I finally bought a little A5 scrapbook for all my polaroid pictures that I will be taking over the year! Some haven't turned out so great so I probably won't include those but I'm going to swot up on how to adjust the settings so I don't waste too many shots. I decided because I was in the gym so much that I needed some new leggings and a new sports bra. I picked up these from M&S and I love them both so much. Very comfortable and super breathable too! Lastly, Josh and I purchased our flight tickets to Bucharest to see Sam and Lena which I am so excited for because Lena already has so much planned for us to see and do! I'm not sure what to expect with the food but I'm positive it won't be a problem for me, haha! Let me know if you like these kind of posts, I'm thinking of doing them at the end of every month. Lots of love, L.