Weekend From My iPhone

Hey my loves! How’re you? Hope your weekend has been a fab one! I worked all weekend but to be honest it flew by! Plus the weather is good.. at least for now anyway! How cute is are these pictures of Josh and cheeky Lottie? Ahh, so sweet! My heart melts! Lottie is my gran’s, niece’s, daughter! Not sure what that makes her to me though? We’ll just go with cute baby relative! She was so full of energy, I’m not quite sure I can handle one myself just yet, haha! I managed to get out in the fresh air after work for a quick ‘yomp’ as I like to call it. I’m done with running and much prefer a fast walk now. I definitely needed it after a bad weekend of pizza, gin and Chloe’s chocolate brownie, mmm! Oh and I met this sweet one eyed cat too at the farm in Sedbergh. I love cats but I wish I wasn’t allergic! Talk soon, L.