It’s Sunday and I’m currently nursing a hangover. I’m snug, curled up under my blanket, listening to the rain hit again the windows. I drank a bit too much last night but that’s what always happens when I go out with the girls I went to school with. I feel as though something is unleashed within me when I go out with them and it’s a side that not so many people get to see, haha! We had dinner at Plato’s in Kirkby Lonsdale and went on to Avanti for drinks. It was so lovely to catch up with everyone as I haven’t seen some of them in over a year! Today my gran, Josh and I went to Beetham Nurseries for lunch but the plan was to purchase a plant for our bedroom! I couldn’t find one I wanted and when I did it had loads of leaves missing so I opted for a few candles instead. I’ll pick a plant from Homebase or B&Q later this week once our bed has arrived! (I am so excited! No more sleeping on the floor!) Now, gran is making homemade chips and I’m going to enjoy them with some cheese and sweet chilli sauce! Healthy eating resumes tomorrow, ha! L.