Bonjour! How is? I was too tired to post last night, two glasses of red and a late night working meant I was flat out after my shower! Now we have lighting in both rooms, hip hip hooray! I showed Josh the carpet I wanted but unfortunately he wasn’t up for the glitter so I had to go back to the drawing board 🙁 I think we’ve finally come to a mutual decision with the carpets, wooden flooring and paint – phew!  So tomorrow I’m going to see Stu at Westmorland Flooring to confirm sizing and carpet choice! I’m also hoping I get chance to paint some emulsion on the walls if they are dry enough tomorrow evening. I was thinking of coving my gran’s bedroom. I’m not sure… I quite like the look of it but then again I might end up hating it once it’s on, what are your thoughts? We only have 11 days left to go and Josh goes away for four of those on a stag do!! I’m not sure we’re going to be done completely but I really hope we are. Anyway, I am pooped! Time for a shower and Love Island, L.