We Got a Drone!

Hey loves! We got a drone! Well, actually.. my dad bought a drone but it’s only fair that we get to use it, right? Josh and I took it for a little test drive on Monday night up the fell seeing as the weather was too nice not to be outside! I was super nervous at first but after a while I got the hang of it, it was similar to driving the helicopter on GTA back when I was a kid. Although, I wasn’t so bothered about crashing the helicopter… I’ve come to realise that I am such a tech geek and I love gadgets! They really amaze me and it makes me excited for future drones and cameras etc. So, here are the pictures we took on Monday evening. They aren’t great from the drone because I’m still sussing out how to play around with the camera setting’s whilst it’s in flight. I think today I will swot up on camera setting’s and how to get a perfect crisp picture using the Mavic pro! I’ve also got to pop round to Josh’s mum’s house today and clear out our old bedroom of all the junk we left behind so I best get on with my day! Speak again soon, L.