Upholstery With Amy

Finally, back to being creative and getting my hands dirty! I’ve been feeling a little lost and fed up that I’m not doing something that I really love. My friend Amy invited me round to finish off my foot stool that I started last year. She has her own work shop and has started doing a lot of commissions, from cushions to sofas. She’s fab! The footstool is something Josh made for me to upholster and I absolutely love it. I bought this green/yellow fabric which I know isn’t to many people’s taste but it’s a great colour and it will look amazing in my bedroom when we have finished decorating. I even got chance to have a ride on Charlie – Amy’s horse! He is so cute! He didn’t even flinch when I jumped on his back. My gran has given me an old chair to reupholster that my great great grandma reupholstered years and years ago! So tomorrow I’m going to finish sanding that down and try and treat the wood before I decide what fabric to go for. Speak again soon, L.