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3 weeks since I last came here and wrote a post. I can't quite believe it's been so long to be honest with you. I started vlogging two weeks ago because I watched some old videos I'd filmed over the years and I loved watching them back, so I decided to make weekly vlogs a thing - for now anyway! I'd love if you would subscribe to my channel here. I'll be sharing lots of house progression and of course walks with little Erik! I'm dying to get up the fell with him but he's just too little at the moment, it's not good for his joints, so I've been trying to stick to 20 minute walks but it's so difficult to do. They often end up being half an hour or more on an evening. This evenings walk was wet. I don't think I've ever got as soaked as I did tonight. Not sure where all this weather is planning on disappearing to over the weekend but I sure hope the forecast is right, because we've planned to go on a little camping trip! We are heading in to the lakes to camp on top of one of the fells. It's only a little fell, about a 20-30 minute walk up which is ideal because, of course, Erik is coming with us. I hope he's behaved in the tent, i.e. no weeing! Because I'm not sure I will hold my shit together if he wees on our sleeping bags. I feel like talking about it will jinx it so let's not talk about it. You can see how we got on on Sunday because that's when I'll be uploading my weekly vlog. I may even have time to share a blog post with you too but I might be being a little optimistic. Anyway, how have you all been feeling? I still feel a little weird about the covid crack. I've been feeling weirdly insecure about myself lately too, about life and the way I look. Isn't it strange how all these horrible thoughts play on your mind. It's really hard to shake off but I find that exercising, walking, staying off my phone, cooking etc. really helps. I've spent WAY less time on my phone since we got Erik. My screen time is down half of what it was and I'm so glad. The only time I ever really go on my phone now is to video little parts of my day or to read emails and order clothes. I sometimes spend half an hour scrolling through Instagram after tea. I do like to gather inspiration from Instagram but I am very selective with the people or type of influencer I follow now. I feel like I'm rambling again. I did say I was just going to hop on here whenever I felt like rambling.. and tonight is one of those nights! Time to get some beauty sleep though now, it's been a hell of a long day. Sleep well xo