Twenty Three Things I’ve Learnt This Year

Yesterday I turned 23 and as unhappy I was about ageing another year I feel as though I learnt a heck of a lot in the space of a year so here they are! Ps. Josh bought me the most amazing shearling jacket for my birthday, I wore it to bingo last night and I’m going to wear it out for dinner tonight. Hopefully I can get a better picture. (I keep promising these outfit pictures and I ain’t delivering so I’m definitely going to get one tonight… fingers crossed haha!). Now, time for a nap before tea. I have no idea where we are going and I’m really looking forward to it! 🙂 L.





1. Being spontaneous is more fun. I like to plan and write down. I’m extremely organised but in other ways my life is a total mess. I learnt this year to be more spontaneous. Not to plan so far in advance and to live more freely.

2. I love exercising! I never thought I’d hear myself say that but I’ve found workouts I love and I’m feeling great for doing so! It’s so true what people say, working out does release endorphins that make you feel great.

3. Stop relying on other people and be more independent. I think I got really comfortable when I met Josh and I kind of relied on him for a lot of things.

4. Sleep and breakfast are key to a healthy mind and a healthy body! I never skip breakfast and I always try to get 7 hours sleep a night. That way I know I’m headed for a good day.

5. Not everybody is your friend and not everybody has good intentions. Pick your friends wisely! I’ve found that people are quick to throw you under the bus when it suits them.

6. Get a decent skincare routine in the bag! I’ve suffered with bad skin for a good 3 years now and it’s only within the last 3 months that I’ve started trying new products and hydrating my skin with lotions. I LOVE the Mario Badescu facial spray which I mentioned not so long a go and I can’t go to bed with Baby Bio Oil on my face (it smells amazing).

7. F**k what everyone else thinks. I used to care so much about what everyone else thought of me! I’ve definitely found some confidence somewhere this year and I’m grateful for it.

8. Make time for your friends. The girls I went to school with are the greatest girls I know and nobody will ever know me like they do. It’s so hard to find the time to hang out but when we do I love it.

9. Talk about your issues and worries. There was something bothering me not so long ago and it was literally churning up my stomach to the point where I could’ve almost been sick. Talking about it seemed to release that feeling and I’ve found that it’s not worth getting worked up over 9/10 times.

10. Invest in good fashion pieces that will last longer than just a few months. I’m so careful now what I spend my money on and I think about it for a good week before I delve in and spend money on clothes/shoes.

11. Experiences and adventures over material items any day!

12. I live in a truly beautiful part of England. I never made the most of it before but I’m forever wanting to make the most of our Sunday’s spent together.

13. Think about the planet and looking after our world. It’s hard because plastic is used in everything nowadays but I am trying to reduce the amount of plastic I use because it’s so bad for our sea life!

14. It’s totally okay to have your down days. I get them at least twice a month and can sometimes want to just burst in to tears for absolutely nothing but I just let it happen now.

15. My brain gets going at the most ridiculous times and that’s usually when I get in to bed! I often find myself day dreaming mid conversation which is why I never really remember what anyone said.

16. Saying sorry. I used to find it so hard to say but I think I’ve grown up a little over the past year and learning to be sorry is a sign of maturity.

17. A smile and a compliment can make somebody’s day.

18. Treat yo’self! It doesn’t have to be expensive but you deserve a little treat every so often.

19. Wine is bad for your head and for your figure!

20. Everyone is on a different path so don’t compare where you are in life to the next person. Your time will come, be patient.

21. Grandma’s are amazing humans.

22. Autumn is my favourite time of the year.

23. Trainers and a good leather biker jacket are my two wardrobe must haves.

Love and hugs, L.