Tuesday List

The view from the gym!


Hello, hello, hello! How’re you? I haven’t been on social media much these past few days. I’ve enjoyed getting back to the gym and getting some early nights in! Did any of you watch Blue Planet the other night? If so then you’ll be probably be just amazed as me by the fish with a see-through head! What an incredible world we live in! Josh and I both want to become Nat Geo photographers now haha! Ah, if only…. Anyway, here’s a little list for today! Speak soon, L.


What am I wearing today?

I’m still wearing my gym kit! I had a little lie in this morning and did an hour and a half at the gym. I really want some nice gym leggings and trainers but I’m not sure what to get for comfort and for practicality… I’m loving the Adidas NMD‘s but they’re so expensive, I’m not sure I can justify that money on a pair of gym trainers!


What am I listening to today?

I’ve had Havana by Camila Cabello going round and round in my head for days but lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Rihanna’s old albums.


What’s my mood today?

I feel happy and motivated today! I have 4 days off work after tomorrow so I’m really looking forward to that 🙂


What have I eaten today?

Scrambled eggs on toast and I’ve just had a sesame snap with chocolate on, mmmm. I’m going to have some homemade soup soon though.


What are my plans for the weekend?

Spending time with my family and Josh, it’s my birthday so I’m not entirely sure what we will get up to but I’m sure we will do something nice. Hopefully we have nice weather on Sunday because I want to go for another hike!


What was the most fun thing that happened this week?

Not a lot has happened really. We went to watch the fireworks in Kirkby Lonsdale on Sunday. That was nice but it’s so cold here now that we didn’t spend too long stood outside!


What am I looking forward to?

Obviously the run up to Christmas and all the festivities! But other than that I am looking forward to spending the weekend in London soon!