Tuesday List


Hey loves! How are you? Today is glorious and I feel so good lately even though I think I could've done with a couple more hours in bed this morning. I had another lesson with Angela this morning which I think is around my 10th lesson and I still feel like it's not going into my brain, agh! Mum went to Thailand on Saturday to spend some time with my Thai granny (her mum), Sangwan so that's why I'm sharing two photos from our trip to Bangkok last year. I miss it so much! Hopefully one day we have enough money to have a holiday home out there or even just go out there to live forever.. haha! Can't believe how fast it has come around, it only feels like yesterday when we flew out there to surprise my brother. You can rewatch the vlog from that here, but beware it's very cringy and I can't believe how I awful I look! 🙁 love, L.

How are you feeling today?

Happy, cosy and determined I guess.


Best thing to happen this week?

Well, it's still kind of early in the week... but I'm still super excited to wake up and see my new car outside, haha! I think it's going to take some time for the excitement to wear off!


What are you looking forward to?

Feeling very excited to visit Romania in 59 days and stay with two friends and Greece in 107 days which I am so keen for because I need some sunshine! But I'm also going to see my best friend in Leeds for the weekend at the end of the month so I'm looking forward to seeing her too and her new home!


Any plans for the weekend?

We have plans to have food and drinks for Josh's friends birthday on Saturday night and then not sure what Sunday will look like! Maybe I will vlog because I failed with last months attempt, oops.