Tuesday List

What are you wearing today?

I’m wearing a grey jumper from &OtherStories with a thermal top underneath because I am SO cold, ripped jeans from Zara, Adidas NMD’s and my shearling jacket from Zara!


How are you feeling today?

I feel well rested. I didn’t wake up until 10am this morning! It felt so good to sleep for 11 hours.


What did you have for breakfast?

Just what I normally have on my days off, poached eggs on a piece of french boule toast with a cup of lemon, ginger and honey tea. Love it!


Last movie you saw?

The other night we downloaded Annabelle Creation. Very jumpy and scary! I hate creepy dolls, I don’t know why I agree to watch those kind of films!


Plans for the week?

Today I’m taking my Gran shopping so we can get some extra Christmas bits for the family. I’m hoping town isn’t too busy because I can’t deal with too many people! The rest of the week I am just working so nothing exciting unfortunately!


Any plans for the weekend?

It’s my weekend off! Which means I get a 4 day break for Christmas, yay! We are hoping to get a mountain walk in either on the 23rd or on Christmas Eve, depending on the weather but so far it doesn’t look great so if it’s not good weather then I don’t have a clue what we will do.


What are you looking forward to?

Christmas festivities with my family! We don’t often get to spend time together but when we do, it’s always a good time! I am also very much looking forward to Spring too. I know it feels like a long time away but I can’t wait for lighter mornings and that fresh spring air!


Reflection of the week?

I’ve cut out sugar now from my diet (since yesterday, lol). I feel so rubbish and I haven’t been able to stop eating chocolate so I am now banning myself from it. I haven’t been to the gym either in like 2 weeks so I think tonight Josh and I will go together for the first time.. maybe 😉 We’ve been talking about the future a lot… I’ve probably mentioned before, we aren’t sure whether to save and get another property in 2019 or save and go travelling.. I obviously am leaning more so to travelling but I guess only time will tell and it will depend on whatever the future holds!