Today From My Phone

1. I planted basil!

2. Theo slept all morning. He’s the laziest cat.


3. He woke up to help me change my bed sheets. In fact that’s a lie, he made it harder.

4. My hometown, Sedbergh. I went in search of Terry’s chocolate orange for some brownies I was going to make but nowhere has any! 🙁


5. The Howgill Fells from my run this afternoon.

6. I will own a big house like this one day.


Hey there loves! How’s your Thursday been? Here’s a little glimpse in to my day! I feel like I’ve been so productive, I did 3 lots of washing, made soup (again), had a Spring Autumn clean, managed to get out for a run and met THE cutest little french bulldog called Hendricks! Josh and I are going to join the local gym as the nights are starting to get dark quick so running after work is a bit of pain so I picked up a form for that too! I even watched the Lion King snuggled up with Theo on the sofa! All in all today has been a very good day so now I’m going to put my feet up and catch up with Doctor Foster and then Safe House. Hugs, L.

ps. I’m going to be vlogging at least once a month so if there’s anything you’d really like to see, please lemme know in the comments below!