What's up! How're you guys? We both went out last night for drinks with my parents which was nice because I don't get to see them that often. They're preparing for their trip to Thailand that they go on every year. This time we won't be surprising them but I am so jealous because they are going to do their diving in Koh Tao! The dream for Josh and I is to one day go out there and do that, I just need to learn some more Thai so it will make it so much more easy! We also got the camper van last night so I've been getting everything ready for it today. I've cleaned it all inside and packed all our food, pots and pans etc. ready to set off tomorrow morning. I keep checking the weather forecast and it keeps changing from rain, to cloud, to sunshine! Little annoying but to be honest I'm just excited for a break from routine and to just do whatever takes our fancy. We still aren't 100% where we are heading yet, although I think I'd like to go to Wasdale for a couple of nights and then drive through the Lake District and visit places we've never been to much before. Ah, I don't know! I also like the sound of Northumberland too... everyone says it's incredibly beautiful, I'm so undecided! I'll speak to you tomorrow perhaps, not sure when/where I will be but just whenever I get a wifi signal! Haha, love L.