Saturday afternoon spent with friends and good food! Just how I like it 😉 Here's an easy little yomp for anyone who wants a view but can't be bothered with walking boots, a tough climb and super cold conditions... Gummer's How. It's like a 20 minute walk from the car park up to the trig point and the view of Windermere lake is pretty amazing. I didn't actually realise how vast Windermere was until I saw it from Gummer's How today! So, I wore my new trainers which was a really bad idea because I got them really muddy and I'm a little unsure whether to put them in the washer or not, what do you think? Josh always puts his in but I don't want to ruin them! Anyway, after the walk we drove down to the Mason's Arms at Strawberry Bank for lunch and it was so so yummy! I chose the chicken and bacon with blue cheese sauce and new potatoes which is strange because I never actually eat chicken whenever I go to a restaurant but today I did and it was very good. It was such a cute little pub and it was like we were eating in someone's house with creaky floorboards and lots of pictures and clocks hung on the wall. I then went to town with Bethany and we had a coffee, something else I don't normally have but I fancied a Mocha, haha!