Time Is Ticking … Fast!

I probably shouldn’t be wearing my favourite Birkenstocks to paint…


Hey! Today has been far too gorgeous to work inside but it has to be done because it’s only 10 days until gran returns. We also confirmed a date for the fitting of the carpets so everything needs to be done as soon as possible! Today I lifted the old tiles in the hallway and front bedroom ready for the new floors! We think they are asbestos so I’ve had to be extra careful, I wore a mask and tried to take them up without cracking but all day I’ve felt so itchy and sticky because it’s been so warm! I also finished my first coat of emulsion in the back bedroom tonight and it’s ready to have it’s second coat tomorrow (or the day after because I’ve got tea out with the work girls tomorrow!). We have finally decided on our paint and I’m going to pick that up after work tomorrow or order it if they don’t have it in, I cannot wait to show you which colour we ended up going for! I even ordered a floor mirror for our bedroom and two prints for above the bed head when the room is complete. The last thing we have to do is decide on a king size bed, as a double is too small for us especially in the summer (plus I don’t like too much skin contact when I’m asleep, haha!). I managed to bag a few bargains in the M&S sale and got myself lots of new bedding and a king size duvet, all for under £100! We want a storage bed, one that lifts up so we have plenty of room to put all our shoes, clothes, walking & camping gear etc. Do you recommend anywhere? Preferably with fast delivery.. Ciao, L.