Why, hello there. I’m trying to vlog and then blog and then I’m getting confused whether I already said that on the camera or if I wrote it on here and I’m just losing my mind a little, haha! I think my video diary of the flat renovation is going to have to be split it to two or more videos because I seem to have so much footage already but hey ho! So, last night Dom (Josh’s friend and conveniently for us a plasterer) came round to plaster the ceiling. I feel like Gran’s bedroom is coming together a lot quicker than ours which is good because it needs to be done by the 26th! Today I woke up super duper early to get some jobs done 1. cleaned the house 2. blue grit the walls so they are ready to plaster tomorrow and 3. chose the carpets and paint for our bedroom! I have all these ideas in my head, I’m just not sure it’s going to work in real life. I use Pinterest a lot and it’s helped me decide my final two colours for our room, blue and grey! I just have to decide from the hundreds of colours to pick from now, ah! I’ve already decided which carpet I want thanks to Stu from Westmorland Flooring, he recommended the softest, prettiest (and most expensive) carpet and I fell in love instantly. It’s a light grey with little flecks of gold running through it. Ok, that might sound not too nice but it’s beautiful, honest. I just have to convince Josh that we NEED that carpet in our lives, haha! I just imagine stepping out of bed and it feeling oh so lovely on my little toes! It might even make those 5:30am starts that little bit easier. This evening we had Josh’s dad and little brother helping to board our bedroom ceiling which is another good job done and I feel as though it’s all coming together a little more now, yay! Today has been a good day, I could most definitely do house renovations for a living. Speak again soon, L.