Theo looks like how I feel right now.. sleepy.


Hey loves! How's your day been? Today seems to have whizzed by and I haven't got half of the thing's done that I had planned... typical. Here's two photos from my day, have you noticed a theme lately? I'm taking a lot of mirror selfies! I don't particularly like them but I find that's the only way to get an okay photo of myself, haha! We heard from Sam in Romania and he told us that he and his girlfriend Alena have planned our week out there in May. I am so excited! I think it will involve a lot of walking, photographs, good food and of course the best memories! We are staying at their very own youth hostel, Podstel in the heart of Bucharest. We have a private room during our stay with them but I will most definitely show you around when we get there! If anyone reading has been to Bucharest then leave me a comment on what to see/do, although I am sure the two of them already have it all sussed out. Now, I have some work to do and then cook Josh tea when he gets in from football, even though I could just go to bed. Hugs, L.