Hey loves! Today I left my phone at home and went the whole day without it. Not quite sure how I managed but it got me thinking about all those photos I store on there and what I would have done if I had actually lost my phone?! I like the idea of getting photos printed and keeping them in a photo album or a box so you can browse through them years later with your loved ones, remembering those precious moments. In fact, I’m going to get my own album this week and start putting together an album, using all the photographs I’ve taken over the past few years and when the day comes, I’ll keep lots of albums of my own kids, haha! These are some photos from my childhood I’ve never actually seen before until my dad found them in an old untouched photo album. It brings back those amazing memories that I will cherish forever so I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourites. Do you think I’ve changed much? L.