This Week

It’s Saturday! Hallelujah! I should probably start my endless list of jobs that I have to do but I am so tired and we are getting Chinese food tonight as a treat, although I will regret it once I’ve finished it. It’s been a whole week since I last spoke to you and a lot has changed over that short space of time. We finished my gran’s room off on Thursday, she’s now home and was so shocked at the work we had done in such a small space of time! The hallway has lovely new oak flooring and the doors that Josh chose for the 4 rooms are perfect! I should let him chose thing’s more often because he has really good taste, haha! Our room is getting there but … I changed my blue wall! I know, I change my mind more than .. well you get the idea. We’re going all grey with the walls as we have a dark charcoal bed arriving next week and I’m not sure blue and charcoal go very well together. Plus, we got a really good deal on the bed so it was the best decision to change the paint. AND it’s a king size, which means star fishing! I cannot wait to show you it, it’s be-au-ti-ful! Speak again soon, L.