This week


Evening guys! How are ya? This week has been a busy one and a hot one too, which is always nice, especially as it is the middle of May and it usually is our best month here in Cumbria. Dave the photographer and I were out on Tuesday and Wednesday getting some product shots of some roof boxes and bike carriers for work. It was nice to leave the office for the day and get outside, which doesn't happen very often! My car was the model for the day, so she got kitted out with a set of Atera bars, Kamei roof box and Thule bike carriers, so Dave can get the website updated.  I love how they have turned out, the quality of them is amazing! It makes me want to get a 'proper' camera and learn all about it. I'm sure Dave finds all my questions about his camera and what certain things mean super annoying! I probably won't be asked to go again.. haha! This evening I went for a walk with my mate Emma. I haven't seen in her in god knows how long so it was so lovely to catch up with her. It's so hard to see each other when we work all the time and then spend our free time with our boyfriends. I found out today that I won Sunday lunch for 4 at our local pub after sharing a photo on Facebook last week. I am so lucky! I didn't think I'd win anything else this year after winning that amazing nights stay at the Brimstone earlier this year but hey, I did say that this year was going to be 'our year' and we're only 5 months in! I need to read a bit more of that book 'The Secret' which is all about the Law of Attraction, which I think is totally true in my opinion and you should all have a read of 'The Secret', which you can find it here, if ya'll interested in a bit of a read. It's all about your thoughts and how they can attract what you're thinking, it sounds barmy but it's true! A positive outlook on life and a kind heart does come back around and thank you in some sort of way, believe me! Anyway, I'm currently watching the new Peter Rabbit. I think I'm going to get a shower and get an early night though. Josh is out on his football do so he'll be stumbling in at god knows what time! Thankfully my brother has agreed to pick him up, so I might actually enjoy a glass of vino or a G&T with a drop of elderflower cordial before I nod off. Fun Friday's! Speak soon, L.