This Week


Hey there! How are ya? Thought I'd check in here seeing as though it's been a short while. Not long now until we go away, well 9 days but still.. I have so much to do but I don't think I have everything yet. I've been prepping myself so I've been on the sun beds twice already and I think I will go another two times before we fly on Friday evening. My brother is currently lying on our sofa, he can't walk from an injury at football so I will drive him home soon and take him to the doctor's tomorrow.. Josh has only just recovered from his injury that happened at football this weekend too! I don't think they were built for that sport, maybe they should take up boules or something, haha! Last night we watched 'me before you' and it was brilliant. I haven't watched a good tear jerker like that one for a while and now I want to see the sequel to it, 'after you' but it isn't on Netflix yet 🙁 The plan for tomorrow is to focus on our design's for Meesoon and get the ball rolling for that and then pack a suitcase, gym, snack, you know, the usual! Speak again soon, L.