Good morning! We’ve had a beautiful few days here! The clocks sprung forward an hour earlier over the weekend and it’s so much easier getting out of bed but perhaps that’s because I’m not waking up for work! Haha! I’m feeling ready for a change, I’m starting to get a bit of a travel itch and I really would love to pack my bags and leave with a one way ticket somewhere hot! Everything now feels too routine, I want to do something exciting with my life! I guess I’ll just keep my fingers and toes crossed and hope I get the opportunity to or make the opportunity myself! How beautiful is it where I live when the sun is shining by the way? These are some pictures from my jog last night about 4pm. I feel so lucky to live in the country, away from all the traffic and noise. I like peace and quiet, it’s refreshing. Now, I should probably make some breakfast and go on a fast walk/jog! Talk later, L.