After turning my 5:50am alarm off and choosing an extra hour and a half in bed over a sweaty gym session, Josh woke me up to ask if I fancied a morning stroll to watch the sun come up. Of course, I leaped out of bed.. only kidding, it did take me a moment or two but once I was up I was so glad that he asked had me. It was so peaceful. There's something about early mornings that make you feel as if you're the only people in the world, it's just magical. We sat for a couple of minutes on the bench at the top and just sat in complete silence. I could've stayed there all morning with a cup of hot chocolate but we were in a rush to get showered and ready for work. Anyway, I wanted to share these with you because it's a new week, a fresh start, make the most of it and go do you. Love, L.