Sunday’s in the mountains

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Good morning! Ah, I am so so tired this morning. Kinda feels like a good tired though, like I've actually done something to be tired rather than just being tired cause I'm lazy. Anyway, here are the rest of the pictures from yesterday. So golden and beautiful, literally the most perfect walking weather. I was recommended this hike again by a work colleague and did it disappoint? Nope! This one is called 'High Street' and is located next to Haweswater Reservoir which can be accessed via Shap. So, it's not exactly the Lake District and in all honesty I was surprised to find that this walk was even there because Shap is so bleak! We completed it in around 4 hours and we walked a total of 8 miles (ish), I didn't Strava it but Josh did - he also managed to stream some of the England game up there. Today, I'm back at work and back to healthy eating! I decided to have this morning off the gym as I went every day last week (excluding Monday), it was nice to lie in a little a relax this morning. Enjoy your week, L.