Hey lovelies! How are you? This morning we went to Whinlatter forest, where I attempted mountain biking for the first time on a £3500 bike. There was a trial day on today at GoApe/Whinlatter Forest where you can borrow any one of their bikes for 45 minutes, in exchange for your ID and credit card, so I chose a Cube mountain bike. That means absolutely nothing to me but Josh said that they were good, so that's what I went for! We only attempted the blue route together which I struggled with, even though it is supposed to be easy. My fitness levels are at 0 right now, let me tell you! After that I said I'd wait in the car whilst Josh did a round on the red route, that's the hard route for the people who know what they are doing.. FYI! Then we had to rush home for lunch at the pub. You know, the competition I mentioned yesterday? The lunch at the Black Bull was good! I had haggis bhajis to start with a blood orange pickle, followed by roast lamb and then to finish I had an egg custard with rhubarb and gingerbread. I thoroughly enjoyed the pudding, that much so I could have eaten another one or perhaps brought it home to eat before bed this evening, ha! I had two glasses of red wine but it just made me feel so sleepy that I've been asleep for the past hour and I realised how much I hate dressing up. I only threw on some skinnies, a 'nice top' and my high heeled boots,  put a bit of make up on, tied my hair in a bun and I could not wait to get home into some comfy clothes, wipe my make up off and put some bio oil on. 24 year old me has become a totally new woman. When Josh and I first met, I remember that at any given opportunity we would go out for drinks, food, get dressed up, stay out late but now.. well now I just want quiet weekends, I want to see beautiful places, I want to wake up early and visit new places. I'm not so bothered about the fancy things in life anymore. Give me a big fleece, my leggings and a pair of trainers, a stove and some decent bacon and eggs and I'm a happy gal. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Love, L.