Ok so today didn't turn out as expected! The weather has been so rubbish we decided not to go on a walk and instead chilled out at home where it's nice and warm. We watched 'Sydney White' on Netflix with Amanda Bynes! It's a chic flick but I just needed to watch something easy and funny. I remember I used to watch 'The Amanda Show' on Nickelodeon when we were on holiday in Thailand so seeing her in films is always like a little childhood memory! We headed to the gym but it was so busy we came back home and made cheese toasties instead, haha! It's either all or nothing I guess! But we did make it back to the gym later on even though I was in so much pain with my neck. I think I slept funny last night! I'm trying to do more outfit posts but it's so hard when all I wear at the moment is work uniform, gym clothes and pyjamas so here's one from the gym! I just bought the Rosie sport's bra (not that I need it) and it fits like a dream! It also looks great on and gives me a little cleavage too which you can see through the peephole. I'll try and get a better picture of it when I've toned up a bit! Speak again soon, L.