Stickle Tarn


Hey guys! How are ya? I am so very tired and sore from the past 4 days in the camper van, walking literally everywhere! I've been pretty cut off from the outside world for a couple of days and I really can't tell you how good that felt. I didn't miss it at all either, which is weird because I thought I would. I'm currently sat waiting for my bath to fill up so I thought I'd check in and say hello and share with you some photos from today! We did a small hike today up to Stickle Tarn in The Langdales and had planned on walking over Pavey Ark but were too shattered from the days before. So, we found a comfy spot beside the tarn and cooked ourselves a bacon butty and sipped a bloody good hot chocolate, if I do say so myself.. ha, and watched the world pass us by! It was so still, peaceful and just perfect. It's been a hell of a good detox from work and boring everyday routine, kind of sad it's almost over. Anyway, I have so much to get done before I fall asleep and plenty of photos to share with you but now I need to go and have a good old soak! Lots of love, L.