Renovation tip #3

Howdy! How the bloody hell are ya? I feel like I'm neglecting my blog again but it doesn't surprise me, as I've not been up to anything too exciting or life changing. I can't believe it's already Sunday! Where on earth do the weekends go? I guess I did work half a day yesterday and I do class the food shop as work too, so that's where yesterday disappeared to. I'm currently sat in the most awkward position on the chair in my Grans living room as the cat decided to kick me off my favourite seat. I've spent a couple of hours at the house, on my tod, picking the external walls but I can't be there on my own for too long because I lose motivation very quickly. Josh said he'll be back home soon to help and has actually just text to say that he has a surprise for me.. Although, he told me he had a surprise for me yesterday which turned out to be a Suunto watch for himself. So, now I know not to get excited. Whilst I'm waiting for him I thought I would bring you my 3rd renovation tip, which you may deem quite an obvious one but I often think it is so easily forgotten, especially when you're so excited to get started and that is...

3. Photograph and film as much as possible

Why? Well, it's easy to forget how far you've come, especially when you feel like you aren't getting anywhere! It's a really good idea to get as many photos of each room as possible. I took a photograph in each room from each corner and I saved them all to a hard drive in separate folders. For example, I have a folder specifically for the kitchen, living room, guest room, office, dressing room and loft. I haven't managed to get all the photos from my phone transferred over yet but I will do when I have a 'quiet day'. I quite enjoy sticking a film on and sorting paper work out etc. My mind feels so much less cluttered afterwards! I was actually going to share a few 'before and afters' but I would like to keep them for future posts. Plus, if you want to keep up to date with our renovations, you can find us on Instagram @verynorthernhome. Anywho, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I will speak to you again very soon! Lots of love, L.