Renovation tip #2

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The kitchen space. We have to get rid of the carpets and the rest of the kitchen units soon. Can't wait to see it empty!

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The living room. We moved the majority of the rubble bags outside yesterday evening (I say we but I mean Josh) and I can't believe how spacious it feels with almost all the shit gone.

Hey there. What's happening this fine Monday evening? I can't believe it's almost dark at 8:40pm. I'm actually very ready for Autumn and crisp fresh mornings. I'm sick of these August showers that come and go. I never know what to wear, even if I do wear leggings and fleece's to work every single day (don't judge me). I seriously need to start making more of an effort with my work wear but I just can't justify wearing 'my weekend best' to sit in an office. I also tried wearing my skinny jeans once and they genuinely felt like they were cutting me in half. So, what's the point? Nobody actually cares, right? Anyway, you're probably wondering what fabulous, inspiring tip I have for you this week. In all honesty I really did struggle to think of something I could pass off as a 'tip' but then I realised, it was right in front of me....

2. Take time off to relax

Which again, is way easier said than done. Especially when all you want is to get everything done as quickly as possible. I've been exhausted this week and when I say exhausted I mean, I've felt dizzy from working so hard, my arms ache and I just feel like a walking zombie. I don't even feel like I'm living in the moment and it's a hard thing to face, you know, being tired at the age of 24. I don't like it at all but my Gran always tells us to slow down. Take a day or two off, have a bath (I can't tell you how much I love a bath, wow, I definitely have to get one in our master suite because there's no way I'm living without one after this week), get a good nights sleep, just watch a bit of tele and do nothing. You forget how easy it is to be sucked into work, work, work and we've literally had no work/life balance for a good month now, so it's really starting to take it's toll on our physical state. Although, I should say that we are coping with this all pretty well. I'd say that Josh and I are the happiest we have been together and we haven't had any arguments as of yet.. but I probably should mention that I do always win. Seriously though, you'd think that working on a house every single night together would turn you against one another but for us, it's brought us closer than ever! Anyway, enough gushing... Tonight was the night that we were meant to get all the rubble on his Dad's pick up which I was so looking forward to but something came up so his Dad never turned up. Instead, we decided not to bother spending the night on the house and we came home to have dinner and just relax! I've spent a good hour or so catching up on my favourite YouTube channels. Lydia Millen and InTheFrow have just uploaded two great interior vlogs, which I am all here for at the moment and that is how I like to spend my down time, as well as writing my blog and reading a few pages of my new book 'good vibes, good life' by Vex King. Josh is currently sat in the lounge, shouting at the tele (Man Utd are playing), I'm not sure I'd call that down time but maybe more of a headache. Who's with me?! Oh I also forgot about the new Interior Design Masters programme that Fearne Cotton is hosting. I'm going to catch up on that actually tonight because I only managed to catch the last 5 minutes last week. Anyway, hope you've enjoyed this post and I hope you all find some time to relax and unwind in this non stop world we live in. Lots of love, L.