Renovation tip #1

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It's really hard keeping my blog up to date when we are working on the house most evenings and although I thought that I would be on top of things, I really haven't. I don't tend to keep my phone on me when we are in the house, mainly because everything gets super dirty and I'm scared my phone will get dust in the speakers, so I tend to keep it in my coat pocket and only ever get it out during a brew break or whenever I feel the need to take to instagram and film a little video. I know that so many of you are enjoying the house renovations, so thank you for taking the time to message me and let us know. It really does mean a lot that some of you are so invested in our home renovations as much as we are! I totally get it though, I've been following home interior blogs/Instagrams for what has felt like my whole life and now being in the position to do up our own home really does feel like a dream come true! I still can't believe that we have our own home! This week, I wanted to introduce something new to the blog. I know it's probably been done a million times before but I wanted to share with you our renovation tips, how we stay sane and how we stay motivated. So, here is our first tip of the week...

1. tidy as you go

Which is much easier said than done, especially when we can shut the door and go home for the evening and forget about all the mess and the dust we have left behind. Although, if you have ever created an absolute mess and returned the following day to begin work again and had to tidy up from the night before, there is nothing more frustrating and time wasting than having to tidy up the mess you created to then start work again. My advice, or shall I say Josh's advice, would be to get rid of all the rubbish, bag it up, put it to one side or in a pile and get rid of it before you've even thought about it. To make life even easier, we split all the rubbish in to materials. So we have a wood pile for burning, bags for rubble, normal waste goes straight in to the black bins outside, cardboard, plastic, glass etc. all for recycling. Hopefully my friends boyfriend will be coming to take all the rubble bags away for land fill sometime soon (and I'll make sure that the bags don't get dumped so we can reuse them), Josh managed to get rid of all the wood, which will be burnt nearby and other stuff like carpets will have to be sent to the tip I'm guessing? Anyway, there you have our first renovation tip and one that I assure you will help in the long run. Speak soon, L.

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