Raven Crag


Thirlmere Reservoir - interesting fact, this reservoir provides water for the whole of Manchester! Isn't that crazy?


Can we just take one moment to appreciate this world that we live in? I feel like the Lakes is a breath of fresh air. I love living here, even though I probably moan about the weather 90% of the time, you can't not love it when the weather is like this! Today we had the afternoon off work together and because it was so nice we decided to get out for some fresh air and a mini hike. The choice of the day was Raven Crag and what a good one it was! I'd never even heard of it. It was so peaceful and we barely came across another human, haha! Win win. I hate other people, people always ruin beautiful things. For example, the zip wire they are planning on stretching over this reservoir?! Er, no thanks. I don't want to hear people screeching and enjoying themselves on a zip wire whilst I'm picnicking on a mountain side. (Lol, wow I sound like such an old granny!). Seriously though, who wants zip wires ruining this view?! Please sign the petition here if you agree with me. Anyway, these are just a handful of my favourite snapshots from today and they are all from my iPhone because I didn't have my camera with me. I'll post the rest tomorrow! Love, love, love, L.