Racism | Being Mixed Race



I’ve been quite lucky to have never experienced any racial abuse growing up. I think because I am female, I have somewhat dodged a bullet as I don’t think females suffer from racism as much as males do. My younger brother was the victim of racial slur and it pains me more that he had more of the abuse.

I will never forget the time he came home from the park with spit in his hair, from a lad a year above me at school. I believe it had something to do with his mixed nationality and dark skin, I can’t say for sure but I am almost certain that this person was racially abusive towards him, even if he tried to pin the blame on somebody else.


As time has gone on and the older I have become, the more comments I get on my Asian heritage.

Some of the comments I have had said to me…

“Is your mum a Thai bride” – Thai bride? Suggesting what exactly? That my mum was a prostitute? Was ordered online? Is half the age of her husband? I couldn’t believe that somebody would actually ask me such a question, in my own work place, over the counter! In my head, I had always thought the term ‘Thai bride’ meant she was a lot younger than her husband so I replied with “No, she’s actually a couple years older than my dad, haha”. I don’t really know if he had understood what he had actually just said to me and regardless of his thoughtless comment, I found it offensive and demoralising and if my mum had been there it would have upset me even more.

(to my boyfriend when we were out with friends) “How much did you pay for her? Has she got a visa or something?” – These kind of people don’t even deserve the time of day. First of all, even if I had a visa and had come on holiday to see my boyfriend what has it got to do with you? These people aren’t asking genuine questions, they’re looking for a reaction. They’re trying to hurt somebody’s feelings by pointing out that they are not part of this community. I wish I was witty enough to have a sharp response to these arrogant so and so’s but it’s always too late when I’ve thought of one!

“How was your first night out in England?” – This guy knew fine well this wasn’t my first night out in England. He knows of my boyfriend and most likely knew who I was. I don’t think people realise how taunting and degrading some of these comments are. Perhaps they do and they want you to feel as though you aren’t worthy enough to live in their society.

I watched a video earlier of a man on a train in Manchester, being racially abused by a bunch of young lads. This spurred me to write this post because I don’t think racism is talked about enough. Watching the lads shout and throw beer at the young man really upset me and I don’t know why more wasn’t done to stop these yobs. Yes, towards the end there was a woman telling them their behaviour was disgusting but something should’ve been done sooner to stop their torment. I don’t know whether people are afraid to step in incase of being threatened or hurt themselves but I just couldn’t of stood there and watched.



Why do these people hate so much. What is it about another person’s nationality or colour of their skin that makes them so angry they have to be so insulting and patronising?

Why has society learnt to accept that this is just something that happens? That it’s just the norm. More needs to be done to educate our children to teach them that this sort of behaviour is not ok. It is damaging and a form of bullying.



Have you ever suffered with any racial abuse? Have you ever witnessed a racist attack? Leave a comment in the box below, I’d love to read your stories or your opinions on this subject.