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How freakin' cute are these pups? I'm in love! These are gorgeous German Short Haired Pointers and this is the same breeder who Josh got Oscar from, 12 years ago! For those of you who don't know, Josh already has a GSP who lives at home with his Mum. We didn't think it was right to bring him to a flat and to separate him from his 'sister', Izzy, who's a mix of collie and we think German Shepard. Josh visits them every now and again to take them out on a hike but we always knew that when the time was right, we would get one of our own! We have been between GSP's, Viszla's and Rhodesian Ridgback's. All three are incredibly beautiful dogs and are big breeds, which is what we have always wanted and if I could, I would have one of each! We actually put our names down to be contacted when the next litter is ready, which should be (if everything goes well) this time next year. Hopefully that gives us enough time to find our own house and have it ready for us and the pup... Am I wishful thinking? Probably! But it gives us something to aim for, I guess! Tomorrow Josh and I are off mountain biking. It's my first time so I'm a little scared but he said we can take it easy and go on an easier route than what he's used to. Then later in the afternoon we have Sunday lunched booked for all 6 of us, which I know I'll be ready for after an early start and biking! Anyway, time for a film and an early night. Enjoy your Saturday night, L.