Podcasts I’ve been listening to

Good evening lovelies! I thought I'd try and break it up a little between house stuff and walking and share with you my favourite podcast. I've only recently started listening to podcasts for the past 3 months or so. Usually I listen to music when I'm in the office not answering the phones but I absolutely love listening to a few episodes to break the day up. They are quite varied, so there's probably something in there for everyone. If you do have any podcast suggestions though, based on what I've been listening to lately then I would love to know what your favourites are because I'm running out of episodes to listen to!



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The Great Indoors by Sophie Robinson and Kate Watson-Smyth

Now that we have bought our own house, it only felt right to listen to The Great Indoors. This was the first podcast I downloaded when we bought the house and I love listening to both Sophie and Kate, giggling at their sense of humour and giving them a serious nod to most, not all, of their 'design crimes'. They are total opposites when it comes to their design, so it's good to have two opinions, not just one! I'm more of a Kate Watson-Smyth than a Sophie Robinson.. but I am trying to love bold prints and colour more. Sophie may change my mind when it comes to decorating our own house.. I guess only time will tell!

Happy Place by Fern Cotton

I love Fern Cotton, so I had to give Happy Place a go. It's a series of interviews, from actors and actresses, to designers and presenters. It basically feels like being sat in your lounge with two of your best friends and just talking about life. It's super easy to listen to, I imagine it would be something I stick on on a Sunday morning to cook breakfast and make tea to. When the house is ready... of course.

Favourite episodes: Gok Wan, Davina McCall, Katie Piper, Reggie Yates, Alice Temperley. 

Unheard: The Fred & Rose West Tapes

They're still releasing episodes of the Fred and Rose West tapes, so there aren't very many at the moment but I am hooked. I'm one of those people who loves to watch 'Killers' on Netflix and all sorts of crime documentaries, so listening to this whilst filling in Excel sheets at work really helps pass the time, as well as gets my brain working in overdrive. Although it's obviously very sad for the families, it's super interesting to hear the life that both Fred and Rose led before they met each other. What their childhood was like, their environment, their families, you know.. all the stuff that could have influenced their adult life and lead them to be the murderers that they were.

How to fail with Elizabeth Day

This is the most recent podcast I started listening to and they are truly so inspiring. Elizabeth Day asks her interviewees to note down 10 (I think) things that they consider a failure throughout their lifetime and they talk through those and why they class them as failures and then what came from those failures. I especially love the interview with Jamie Laing, Emeli Sande and Lily Allen, so if you are going to give this podcast a go then listen to one of those!

Shagged, Married, Annoyed by Chris and Rosie Ramsey

If you want a proper laugh, you have to listen to these two. Maybe not when your boss is sat behind you in the office though.. because there's certainly no filter! There was one particular episode which almost had me bursting out in laughter but I had to try and hold it in... maybe one for when you are at home and can laugh out loud to your hearts content.