Plastering has begun!

Yesterday was the first day our plasterers started on the house. I can't tell you how exciting it is to finally see some progress, even though I truly loved those beautifully picked stone walls. At the moment they are applying sand and cement to the inside external walls, so all the walls that face the elements. The sand and cement has a waterproof coating included within the mix called free flow, to stop any water tracking through the walls. Once this has been applied to all the external (inside) walls, they will then apply a sovereign renderlite thermal barrier. This prevents the cold from the outside travelling through the stone wall and meeting the warmth from inside behind the plaster boards, which could cause damp. Then, they will dot and dab the plaster boards to the wall and finally plaster all of the walls! Woah, it sounds like a long and tedious job and I certainly had to ask Josh what it was all for.. even though I do like to learn all the in's and out's of what needs to happen. I do apologise about the photographs not being particularly great. The sunlight is quite low when I finish work, so probably not the best time to get photographs of the house but it's the only time I pop around at the moment, now that I'm cooking, cleaning, sorting fleas etc. Back to the flea situation actually... after spending over forty quid on spray and stuff for the cat, I though the little mites may have done one but it appears that they haven't. I'm actually sat her paranoid as out, itching and scratching my arms. I just try not to be here much so I can avoid them but it's impossible, especially when I have to sleep here. So many of you messaged me on Instagram though after I posted about the fleas and gave me some super helpful suggestions. The most common suggestion was a flea bomb, which I'm waiting on arriving hopefully by the end of the week. Apparently this is the only thing that actually gets rid of them, so the sooner that arrives the better! Anyway, enough rambling.. I'm ready for bed and I think I'm going to start the first series of Top Boy, seeing as they have released a new series. I've never seen it but I've heard it's like the UK version of Power (which is my favourite series, ever). So, I guess I will speak to you soon! Lots of love, L.