Plans for the weekend

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I can't believe it's already Thursday evening. The weeks are whizzing by! This morning when I woke up at 7am, the windows were wide open, I could feel the fresh breeze on my arm and it felt like Autumn. I love Autumn and I'd even go as far as saying it's my favourite season. I have said before that Spring and Summer are but Autumn just makes me feel some kind of way. It's still technically Summer but have you noticed that the nights are getting darker quicker? That's the only thing I dread when it comes to Winter... the long dark nights, especially when you finish work at 6pm and feel like there's nothing you can do afterwards. Anyway, enough rambling. I'm here to tell you about our weekend plans. Tomorrow night Isaac and Aaron are coming to do the 'first fix'. I'm not entirely sure I know what it means but I know that it means progress, which is good. Josh even said to me last night that we are making good progress and it may not take as long as we thought. I so hope he is right! Saturday morning I'm working and then I think I'll attempt the food shop or I might leave it for one night in the week so I can head straight to the house and help with odd jobs that need doing. Then our friends Hannah, Tucker and their son Zach are heading over to see us. They did say they would lend us a hand but to be honest, I think tea out would be much nicer to catch up over, plus we haven't seen them since forever so food and drinks are welcomed with open arms. Hopefully we will get the kitchen plans from Benchmarx sent over during the weekend so I'll most definitely share those here with you! The lady who came to measure up yesterday was so lovely and gave us lots of ideas we hadn't thought of so I'm super excited to see what she comes up with. We finally decided on the range cooker vs in-built oven/microwave, can you guess which one? Oh and the colour, oh my the colour is just fabulous! I was so torn between a really light and cheery kitchen but I've gone completely the opposite way and I'm so glad that Josh is on board with it because I just know it's going to look 'sick'. Anyway, I'm already showered, in my pyjamas and I have the flat to myself. So, I'm going to read my book, relax and hopefully have a bit of a kip on the sofa before Josh arrives back from training. I am absolutely shattered! Speak soon, L.