Photo Diary


En route to Dent station, in the middle of nowhere! I was super early for my train and I was the only person at the station. Thankfully there was a waiting room as it was pretty baltic at the highest station in England!


I'm really loving this HUJI app to get this effect for my photos. Will probably get sick of it soon but for now, I like.


I loved all the shop displays but in particular, these hanging plants in the White Company. If I had my own house I'd love to do this in an office or even in the living room, it's so pretty!

Here are some more photos from my mini break away in Leeds with Bethany and her doggy Elvis. I was really surprised how clean and modern the city centre was, I wasn't really sure what to expect but I will most definitely be back for a weekend with Josh for drinks and some shopping! Right now I am watching Marcella although I'm not that into it yet, I need to watch it properly because it does look good. We are going to make nachos with melted cheese, salsa and sour cream soon and put a the OJ Simpson VS the people on because I find it very very interesting. Does anyone know how to stop nachos going soggy in the oven? Love L.