Painting our back door

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We finally got around to painting the back door and window on Sunday. It was dry enough to get the first coat on but who knows when it will be dry again to get the next coat on. Saying that though, I'm not 100% on it but we've now spent £45 on paint for the back door. Josh is happy with it but I feel like it needs a bit more umph. Something stronger. You know what I mean? Black, dark dark blue, even charcoal perhaps but this just isn't doing it for me at the moment. I think I'll leave it for a few weeks now as it's not a priority but I'll perhaps have to convince Josh to change it. I always do this with paint. I get carried away, spend money on paint, paint it, waste time (and money), then want to change it. I never learn! I've been following Emma Hill and her house renovations over on her YouTube channel, she has swatches of paint all over her walls and she leaves it for a good few days before making a decision. This is what I need to start doing! I'm not settling for anything in the house until I've tested at least 10 different colours. I may go back on that though, if I do happen to stumble upon 'the one'.. we'll see! Sorry about the lack of photographs... I've been filming the majority of our latest renovations so the photos have been a little neglected. Did you see our latest home update over on my YouTube channel? You can view it here if not. Anyway, this evening I do feel rather tired. I think I'm going to do some drawing, have some tea and get an early night. I'd usually be playing netball but because it's half term we don't bother. Shame really because I do love a good workout on a Tuesday, it usually makes me feel so much more alive! Speak soon, L.