Wild Camping


Wow, what an incredibly beautiful weekend we've had on the lake. We checked the forecast on Friday and told ourselves we were going to get out and wild camp somewhere, so we did. We had to borrow some warmer sleeping bags (thank you so much Hannah and Dan, I couldn't have done it without them!) and I pinched some coal and logs from my Mum and Dad's house, so we could light a fire and stay out a little longer to watch the sun go down. How can anyone say that England is shit? Honestly, look at it! I mean, I know I can be a little morbid sometimes and moan about where we live but that's only when it's raining... haha! We cooked burgers last night with fried onions and melted cheese and had a couple of ciders each, followed by a sweet hot chocolate before bed. The only problem was the geese... now had we known that the geese were nesting, we would have gone elsewhere. This morning a couple of rangers politely asked us to leave, as the islands are actually closed until the end of May for the geese to lay their eggs. We felt so bad but the geese didn't really seem to mind us. Anyway, we left before noon, loaded the car back up and went back out on the kayak. It was so lovely and quiet. We met a group of scuba divers and got chatting with one of the guys who had also dived in Koh Tao a number of years back. Man, it makes me want to do it all again! Not sure I could face getting in to a freezing cold lake though? Although, I will have to in 3 weeks time, crikey! Right now, I'm sat on the sofa and I'm falling asleep. It always feels like I'm saying that, doesn't it? I think I may have some deficiency. So, I may nap whilst Josh watches football and then hopefully we will get out for a stroll around the river later on but I won't count on it! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, speak soon, L.

Ice Cream


What I am wearing: red bandeau top from Pretty Little Thing, trousers from Zara, sandals from Zara and red bag handmade in Romania.

Good morning my loves! It's finally the weekend and the rain has gone, the sun is shining and the birds are tweeting again. After the most miserable week back at home, it actually feels somewhat okay to be back, now that we have some blue skies. It doesn't help that we live in the wettest place in England but when it's beautiful outside, it truly is a wonderful place to live. A little later this morning, we have a house viewing, followed by a camping trip in the Lakes. I'm really looking forward to it now I've seen the weather is willing to comply with our plans. We just need to ensure we get everything we need packed in good enough time, so we aren't fumbling around in the dark trying to get the tent set up. I'm taking my camera and the drone along with me to capture some footage, as I'm wanting to make YouTube and vlogging more of a thing. I feel like if I carry on with it now, then it will almost become habit, so please subscribe to my YouTube channel here... if you want to, that is! Anyway, I'm going to dry my hair and pack my rucksack, charge my camera, etc. You know, all the boring thing's you have to do to prepare yourself for a trip away. Even though it's only one night, I still want some home comforts! That includes some proper rasher's of bacon from the butchers, marshmallows to roast on the fire, a flask of hot chocolate and plenty of warm clothes because I have a feeling it's going to be a cold, starry night. Speak soon, L.



Throwback to Chiang Mai! I didn't explore enough of this city. It was far too hot, the air was not good and it was Songkran, so we stayed in the hotel and chilled by the pool every day. Yes, it was silly of us and I regret it now I'm home but it just means I need to plan a trip back, right? Here I am in one of my favourite day time outfits, my Levi shorts and a vest crop. Unfortunately my Levi's ripped on my bum whilst we were away. Probably because I've had them since I was 18 (that's 6 years ago) and have worn them to death every single holiday and every summer. I think it's time to invest in a new pair! Today has been a long day and I've got my English appetite back.. which means, bread, biscuits and more bread. Ugh, I hate how my diet goes to pot when I get back here. I guess the cold doesn't help and it is absolutely freezing. Where are you Spring? I'm also incredibly bored. I can't take any more of Emmerdale and long nights sat inside and it's only been 4 days. Josh text me today saying we should emigrate... so I've been looking at apartments in Phuket all day long, haha! She says whilst also looking on Right Move for a nice stone built house in Cumbria. Why is it so difficult to know what the right thing to do is? Like, I want sunshine, beach and carefree life but I also want a big cosy home, with a huge log burner. I think I'm just having holiday blues. Soon I'll be back to normal and I won't be so unimpressed with British country life. That's what I'll keep telling myself anyway! I even started crocheting again today after 2 years. I've got a huge grey blanket on the go which will be the size on my king size duvet (perfect for a house in Cumbria), huhu. Anyway, I'm literally falling asleep now. Love, L.

First night in Bangkok


Okay, so even though I was fed up of Thai food by the end of our holiday.. Mum just made one of my favourite Thai dishes for tea and I'm not exaggerating when I say I demolished it in 3.5 seconds. It was the best and man I so wish I was there now to pick something up from the market or go to food land and have something cooked up for me for like a quid! We did the food shop yesterday and spent well over a £100, that's probably more than what I spent in 2 weeks on holiday, eating out and drinking every single night! We did buy gin though but not that many other treats to be honest. Although, we did treat ourselves to a sandwich and a chocolate twist from M&S for the car journey home. How good are they? Ugh, I could eat a cheese and onion twist from M&S now, there's genuinely nothing like them. So buttery, cheesy and oniony mmmm. Anywho, I found these pics that I had actually already uploaded ready to share with you but I obviously never got around to posting whilst we were still away. Our first night in Bangkok was delightful. We sat on the roof top terrace of our hotel and had the most delicious meal ever. Josh and I still talk about it now and we are yet to have another dish that compares. It's the Khao Soi Nua that I mentioned in my vlog I uploaded yesterday... I pronounced it wrong but you get the gist. It's the red curry looking dish with fried noodles on top. Honestly, if you go to Thailand and you go to a restaurant you think is authentic, try it! The burger was good but nothing on the Thai food. I do love a good burger so I would always recommend the Iron Fairies if you are ever in Bangkok or I saw @anitabye (blog here) had been to Bun Meat and Cheese, which looked delicious. Unfortunately we never made it there but next time... for sure! Right, I'm so so tired I think I might make a cup of Horlicks and jump in to bed. I have a bad head from staring at a screen all day and we've just managed to get all our holiday clothes put away for next time. It's like it never happened! Thankfully I have a gazillion photos that I'm going to get printed in a polaroid style and framed, ready for when we eventually get our own home. Hugs, L.

First vlog of 2019

Hi guys! Ah, I'm super nervous uploading this but here you go! There's a lot of me rambling on.. god knows why! I must've felt super confident in front of the camera this time around. We stayed at The Akyra hotel on Sukhumvit 20 which was such a lovely boutique hotel, in a really good central location in Bangkok. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it and I hope you've all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend, whatever it is you've been upto. Hugs, L.

My favourite outfit


What I wore: bandeau from PLT, trousers from Zara, bag from Tommy Hilfiger.


This was probably my favourite outfit from our holiday. I love high waisted, wide leg/flared trousers, teamed with a little crop or bralet and a pair of sandals. You forget how hot it really is in Thailand around April, so shorts aren't always the best idea, as your legs stick to chairs and it can get a little uncomfortable when you start sweating from the heat. Also, this bum bag has been the best item I brought with me. It fits so much stuff in, my camera, mini tripod, 2 x iPhones, money, tiger balm.. you know, the important thing's in life, ha! I will most definitely be on the hunt for another similar bag but in another colour, that's for sure. Today, I'm sat in my joggers watching GOT with Josh. I don't actually watch it but he's catching up on it before we go and do the food shop, as I really don't want to venture in to town on my own, oh the joys. I'm sat here trying to write a shopping list but I don't even know what I want to eat anymore.. I've stuffed myself with pad Thai, pizza, french fries and all sorts whilst I've been away but somehow managed to lose almost 2kg, lol! Does the sun just soak up fat or something? I'm wanting to cook some healthy, delicious food but we always stick to the same boring chicken wraps or salads.. I just don't think I can stomach plain food anymore. Give me chilli, garlic, coriander, lemongrass, coconut milk, mmm... I'm getting hungry! Speak soon, L.

English breakfast tea


Where we stayed: The Akyra TAS Sukhumvit, Bangkok


I love coming in from a busy day exploring, showering and sitting down to a cuppa tea. Especially when you get to wear fresh cotton gowns and get to sip out of delicately painted cups. That was back in Bangkok.. this morning looks a little different. My dressing gown is thick and fleecy, from M&S, and my cup of tea isn't out of a tea pot but instead I'm sipping it out of my favourite mug, listening to the birds tweet, whilst the cat is curled up on my lap, after getting all my holiday clothes bunged in the washing machine. I've been up since 6:30am and thought it was best I get up and do something, so I can get back into the swing of early mornings and UK time. Josh is currently at Preston train station, picking the rest of my family up who caught a later flight and we're all sitting down to a big fry up brunch when they arrive back, courtesy of my lovely Grandma who knows how to cook up a good spread. The plan for today is to pay some bills we've received through the post.. we forgot to set up our new council tax bill before going away, so we have 2 days to pay it, then probably go for a walk or a food shop and then we have a wedding night do later this evening. I really need to sort my face out though, as flying really brings out lots of spots. It's so annoying because my skin has been amazing all holiday and now I look like I have chicken pox or something (okay, it's not that bad, I have like one on my forehead, which I picked and a few under the skin on my cheek). Anyway, enough rambling and more doing, I have videos I want to put together so I will speak to you soon, lots of love, L.

Phuket > Doha > Manchester


Good morning! It's 6:30am here and we are sat in Phuket international airport, waiting for our flight. We arrived a little earlier than we should have, as I thought we were flying an hour earlier than what we are, oops. Josh is not impressed, especially because I didn't get in to bed until about 1am last night and he's still not feeling too good. Even though he managed to try a bit of curry last night at the Indian Curry Club in Patong, which is well worth a visit if you love Indian food. The naan breads are delicious and the Chicken Bhuna I had was be-au-tiful! I could actually eat it again now with a few french fries, lol. Curry for breakfast? Why the hell not?! Probably a bit TMI but I have so many bites from the last few nights and they aren't in the best of places... I have so many on my chest, it's so so itchy and weirdly, on the palm of my hands, they constantly feel like they are on fire. Must be ant bites, the little s***s! Anyway, here are a few photos from our second to last day in Thailand. We spent the day at Surin beach and watched the sunset, one last time before heading home. Surin was somewhere we spent a lot of our holiday's as children and I remember the waves being powerful back then, never mind now when they knocked me over and I scraped my face along the sea bed and almost broke my back. I'm not even kidding, my back is so sore. I thought a massage may have cured it but it didn't, so I'm really not looking forward to the long journey home. I'm getting kind of peckish but I only have a bag of change which probably equals 75p, so I don't think it will buy me anything substantial. I guess I'll have to wait for breakfast to be served on our flight and hope that it's not too long into the flight. Well on that note, I'm going to check out. I'm sure I have lots of photos left that I want to post here so this won't be the end of my Thailand posts, that's for sure. See you on the flip side, L.

Our last day in Thailand


We have about 16 hours left in Thailand until we make our way to Phuket international airport. Unfortunately Josh woke up super ill this morning (probably at the thought of going back home), so I've been out and picked him up some medicine from the local pharmacy, packed my suitcase and now I'm just hoping he will get better so we can at least get a little bit of sunshine at the beach before we go. If not, I'll just chill by the pool later. I'm actually going to one of our friends restaurants so she can teach me how to make Josh's favourite dish, spicy Thai prawn salad. It's delicious! If you are ever in Phuket, stop off at The Quencher's bar on Nanai Road and ask for Tang's prawn salad... tell them we sent you and they will know exactly what you mean! Because the Wifi was terrible in Koh Tao, I still have a back log of photos I wanted to post, so here are a handful from our day spent on the long tail boat. We used the same guy who took us to Koh Nang Yuan and he took us to various snorkelling spots around the island. My favourite was Hin Wong Bay, where we saw the biggest school of fish! It was super cool but I couldn't hold my breath long enough to dive down and swim through them all. Oh, also Mango Bay is lovely. The guy from the long tail boat went fishing for squid there and caught two for his dinner! It was cool to see but I felt so sorry for them, poor lil things. Bet the food he made that night was good though, I love squid! Right, I better dash! I'm going to film the prawn salad in the making so I'll share it in a few weeks time over on YouTube if anyone's interested. I probably won't have time to speak on here until I'm back in England. So sad, can't believe it's over! Anyway, Ciao! x

Koh Nang Yuan


Good morning! It's almost 10am here in Thailand and although I'm itching to get out of the door at on that beach, I really wanted to come here and share my photos from Koh Nang Yuan, which we visited this time last week. It's a short boat ride from Sairee Beach, I'd say around a 15-20 minute long tail boat journey and cost us each about 250 baht each. Although, I think that was slightly discounted as Mum and Dad had used the same guy a couple days before. There was also a 100 baht charge for entering Koh Nang Yuan and you aren't allowed to take drones, food or drink which is a little annoying as we had stocked up on water. Oh and if you are Thai then the entrance fee is only 30 baht, so if you do have Thai citizenship but it isn't that obvious, then take a passport or Thai ID card. We spent most of the day sunbathing and snorkelling at the North side of the island, where we saw octopus and loads of tropical fish so it's well worth taking a mask and snorkel, as sunbathing can get a little boring and too hot, especially in March/April as it is Thailand's hot season. I have always wanted to hike to the viewpoint and was surprised at how small the whole space was. If there is more than 10 people it's actually really cramped and there isn't anywhere to shelter from the sun but hey, we enjoyed the super hot and sweaty climb, took the photos and then rushed back down for a bottle of water each. At the moment I'm still in bed and Josh has been feeding me Lays extra BBQ crisps dipped in spreadable cheese because the milk was frozen, so I couldn't have my bowl of KoKo Crunch, which I craved first thing when I woke up. Anyone else crave milk and cereal when they are on holiday? I barely ever eat it at home.. strange! The plan for today is to head to a nearby beach. I think someone mentioned Surin, so we will pack a bag and head there shortly. We visited Nai Harn beach yesterday, which is usually my favourite beach in Phuket but there was so many jellyfish, Josh got stung and it was so crowded, so we headed back to Karon where we were when the rain got us. It was actually really nice, the sand is so soft there, apparently it's high in silicon so when you walk on it it's really squeaky. So yes, better scoot! Enjoy your Thursday, lots of love, L.

Why did we come to Phuket?!


We thought that leaving Koh Tao for Phuket was a good idea.. until we were swimming at Karon beach and the sky turned grey and it literally started bucketing it down. I remember our last visit to Phuket, the day before we were flying home it did the exact same thing, when we were at the exact same beach, you can see that post hereTo be honest, it's a lot of fun but after a couple of minutes of ducking under super high waves, we decided to sit in a little beach side restaurant and have some food and a cuppa tea, before attempting the motorbike journey back over to Patong. Ah, fun times! At the moment I'm sending all my photos and videos from my camera, go pro, drone etc. over to my hard drive so I can clear my memory card and take more photos and videos, hehe! Looking back at all the videos makes me so so happy, as it's like you are reliving the moment again. I love them! Anyway... I'm not sure what to do with myself now that the weather is like this. I guess we will sit the weather out and get a bite to eat when it's calmed down a bit! Although, we are supposed to be meeting a few guys from Chester that we met on the night train for a drink, so hopefully it dries up by then! Now, I might try and edit some vlogs.. or maybe have a nap. Who knows, although the latter sounds more like a bit of me. Enjoy your Tuesday, speak tomorrow, L.

We finally arrived in Phuket!


What a long bloody day it's been! We were up at 5am, to catch a taxi at 5:30am to the pier, where we caught the ferry, then a bus to Phuket, Patong! We only arrived at our accommodation about 2 hours ago and since then we have had a cheese and ham toasty from 7/11, if you know, you know.. and rented ourselves some motorbikes! Oh and had the longest shower, ever. The little hut we stayed in on Koh Tao was pretty naff to be honest. The shower literally dribbled out of the shower head, the tele didn't work, the wifi was shit, the masseuses who arrived next door at like 6 am were probably the loudest bunch of women you will ever meet and I was scared to stay in the room alone! Moaning aside, it was still a pretty good location, I mean there aren't many places you can stay and step out on to the beach and watch the sunset without paying an absolute fortune. But, it cost us about £38 a night which we thought was far too much... So, going back to this morning... we were all sat on the ferry about to set off and my mum realises that she left her iPhone under her pillow, so she had to catch a later ferry which was a slower one! She'll be arriving in the next hour or so.. bless her, I bet she's absolutely shattered. Anyway, these photos are obviously not from today but from the day we spent at Aow Leuk Bay in Koh Tao. We spotted some baby black reef tip sharks when we were snorkelling, which was so cool! We also had lunch at this cute little beach restaurant, where I spotted the most adorable dog ever! Just look at those eyes! Now, I am going to have to rush off and dry my hair because Josh has nipped to the market to get me some fried chicken and I wanna be ready to demolish it when he's back... Speak tomorrow, L.