Packing For London

Hey lovelies 🙂 How has your day been? Today has been very slow and unproductive. I don’t even think I’ve woken up properly! I need a day like that once in a while, it’s good to do nothing sometimes. Today I packed for London which I am SO excited for 🙂 We have a few things planned whilst we are there and I cannot wait but if you have any suggestions on what to see/do then please let me know! I tried to pack lightly although that didn’t work out so I might have to take an extra suitcase for everything that I plan on buying… haha! I imagine it’s going to be a hectic weekend and will involve lots of walking so that makes up for my day of relaxing today 😉 I got a new Instax camera which I love! I’ve always wanted a polaroid camera so I’m looking forward to getting some pictures with that. I’m taking my Cluse watch of course, it goes with everything! And I painted my toe nails in shade ‘gothic garden’ from Rita Ora’s Shades of Black collection. I was going to put it on my finger nails too but decided I might look a bit gothic as all the clothes I’ve packed are either black or grey, haha so instead I’m going to go nude or maybe a dark shade of red?! I also ordered a red jumper from ASOS earlier to brighten myself up a little so we’ll see how that look when it arrives tomorrow! And I will probably get some new underwear before we leave on Friday as it’s a bit of a habit of mine to have new knickers before I go away! Anyway, I will speak to you Friday!


Loves, L.