Our first kitchen design


How are we all on this fine, beautiful weekend? I joke, this weekend is not beautiful. I got absolutely drenched last night, running home from the pub and again this afternoon walking up to the house. It's nice to be inside, all cosy just relaxing for once. Although progress has slowed down on the house, it has felt like a tough week physically and mentally. But we did get the kitchen design back from Benchmarx on Friday and I said I would share the designs with you so here it is! What do you think? We decided to go for the in-built oven and microwave to save space and then the 5 ring gas hob on the opposite side, instead of a range cooker (or Aga, although I so wished we could have an Aga). I really like the wall with the Belfast sink and hob on. It's just simple, nothing too fussy, enough work space, some glass cupboards to break it up a bit. However, the other side under the stairs just makes me feel a bit, meh. I really don't like the gaps above the fridge freezer and the microwave and then above the single cupboard. It looks unfinished and messy in my opinion. We both feel the same and we ideally would prefer to get some doors made to fit in nicely under the stairs but it would cost a lot of money and then may not be the right colour/style as the kitchen. We'll see! The colour is actually nowhere near the colour we want either. I don't want any grey in our home (on the walls anyway). I feel like grey is the new magnolia and I want as much colour in our home as possible. We knew we wanted something really dark so hopefully we can get a RAL colour which is a deep dark navy, almost black.Anyway, this design was to really get an idea of layout for the electrics and the plumbing. We have a good plan for sockets and light switches which we decided on last night and both Isaac and Aaron made a start today whilst I was at work. Oh, we also made quite a big decision yesterday and that was to have a dining table or no dining table. We opted against one for space because we didn't want to cut back on the kitchen and then we also didn't want it to look like we squeezed one in so we are just going to do without. My idea is to have a coffee table which we use like the low tables they have in Thailand and you sit and eat on floor cushions with your legs crossed. I think it will work well and will be quite nice to have a little piece of Thailand in our home. Anyway, let me know your thoughts on the kitchen design. I'd love to hear if you have any tweaks or adjustments you would make! Speak soon, L.