Our first holiday as a couple to Rabac, Croatia


I'm working through all my old photographs on my phone/memory cards and storing them all in some orderly manor on my hard-drive, so I thought I'd share these photos from our first holiday together to Rabac in Croatia, 2014. It was a beautiful little fishing village, North West Croatia. We hired bikes and cycled to a secluded bay and even hired a boat for the day and jumped off in the nude at some nudist beach. The guys were all shouting at us telling us to go away.. ah, it was so funny! We also went parasailing over the Adriatic sea and we went so high, we couldn't even hear the boat engine below us. Scary but so peaceful all at the same time! We had heard that Venice wasn't too far by boat, so we headed to Rovinj and caught the ferry over to Venice for the day. It was beautiful but we paid about 50 euros for a margarita pizza and two small bottles of coke! That's pretty much £50! I'll never forget it. I guess it serves us right for sitting right on the grand canal... and we didn't even know it! I hope you enjoyed the pics, they are slightly over edited - which must've been my style all those years ago and the picture quality isn't great but I love looking back through them all. Tomorrow is quite full on, I have work, hair cut appointment, eyebrow thread, camera clean and then I will probably have to go through my bags again and ensure that everything is where I want it to be and then all I have to do is throw in my toiletry bags. I might vlog tomorrow if I get chance, we'll see. Anyway, enjoy your weekend you lovely bunch, L.