Our 7 Month Secret!

Good morning loves! How are you?Can you guess where Josh and I have just landed? We left home about 24 hours ago and we have finally arrived in… Bangkok! I’m so happy to be back! It’s been way to long and I’ve realised how much I love this city! I have been so giddy for a good few days now but I have one last thing to do before I can totally relax for 3 weeks and that’s surprise my little brother Alex! I kept our trip a secret from him and told him that Josh and I couldn’t afford the holiday so he won’t be expecting to see us! It’s been a hard 7 months keeping it quiet but I’m so excited to see the look on his face when he sees us stood at his hotel room door, haha! We’ve just arrived at our hotel so we’re going to chill, freshen up and enjoy the luxury of our suite for a while (I’ve done a little room tour for my first vlog coming to my YouTube channel in a few days time so click here to subscribe!). Wish me luck for the surprise and I will let you know how it goes! Speak soon, L.